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Ignited also known as iG*| is an AssaultCube clan.

Clantag: iG*|
Founded on: 02/10/2010
Founded by: .face
Current leader(-s): MerX, Gryphon, 654xswzaq_
Members: 5
Country: International
Homepage: igclan.us
IRC: #ig-clan @ gamesurge

General Info

Ignited is a clan founded by .face. They soon recruited Scooby, they at first wanted to be a Brazil clan. It died around 2 months later. In 2/10/2012 it was refounded by MerX with the help of Sunny.



Name joined Rank Location
MerX 10/02/2012 Leader New Zealand
654xswzaq_ 18/02/2012 Leader United States
Gryphon 12/02/2012 Leader Australia
Sunny 11/02/2012 Elite/Moderator New Zealand
Sh@rK 19/02/12 Member France


  • .face
  • .ChampioN~
  • jaba

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