Gibbing Revelation

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Gibbing Revelation also known as _Gr*| is an AssaultCube clan.

Gibbing Revelation
Clantag: _Gr*|
Founded on: 9/15/2011
Founded by: ZeuZ, Riceboy
Current leader(-s): ZeuZ, Ger
Members: 6
Country: International
IRC: #gr-clan@quakenet


_Gr.*| Stands for Gibbing Revelation. _Gr*| Is a clan dedicated to the honor of skillfull gibs. We are a Very Competitive clan, that always is looking for a challenge. We are experienced in All Flag Modes. We are a fast changing clan, and only accept the best of players. If you would like to apply please visit our forums! _Gr.*| was created on 15th August 2011. It was founded by Riceboy/ZeuZ. We are always happy to see new members.


(More getting setup.)

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