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If you want to alter or modify any of the content that comes with a CC (Creative Commons) license and re-distribute the media in question, you should do the following:

Simply use the included text files containing the license. Then add : "blah blah blah was edited by blubb" (next to or above the note "Files in this folder by makkE... blah blah...") to it, and add it to your package.

Make sure you add/remove any added information (about files, locations and authors) as your own purpose demands. This means don´t simply copy the license from /mapmodels, because it refers to various folders and authors. Adapt the lines _above_ the actual cc-license text to your needs to avoid confusion.

This is the easiest way of making sure you obey the license terms. You don´t have to add your own readme or license files this way, and you thereby obey the "share-alike" clause, the crediting and the "nc" part of the license. Also, you thereby provide a history of who did what, wich in terms makes it easier of possible other authors adding their stuff to the work.

Originally by makkE

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