AssaultCube Deranged Clan

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The AssaultCube Deranged Clan or AC/DC, was clan of AssaultCube.

ACDC logo.png
AssaultCube Deranged Clan
Founded on:2010-09-15
Founded by:Andrez
Current leaders:Andrez


The AC/DC was founded the 15th of September 2010, as announced in the forums. The name comes from the band AC/DC, which in this case mean AssaultCube Deranged Clan. AC/DC is actually one of the favourite hard rock bands of the clan founder, Andrez.

As of the 12th of July 2011, the clan turned from a one-man-clan type to a normal clan, so recruitment is open to anyone.


In the last months, since it turned from a one-man-clan to a normal clan, its founder and only member, Andrez, decided that if no members joined before it was one year old, the clan would have been shut down. The 3rd of September, 2011, the clan has been officially closed, two weeks before the recruitment deadline.

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