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Armour is a stat that makes the player take reduced damage from bullets. A percentage of damage dealt to the player will be absorbed by the armour before reaching the health. Armour can be obtained by picking up an armour pack, the more armour a player has the more effective it becomes. Absorbing damage will damage the armour by the same amount.


Armour becomes more effective at higher amounts.

0-25 armour = 16% protection.

26-50 armour = 33% protection.

51-75 armour = 37% protection.

76-100 armour = 41% protection.

100 is the maximum amount of armour a player can have. Small shields will also appear below the armour number indicating the level of absorption it has.

Armour reduces the amount of damage caused by the bullet. So if a bullet normally causes 21 damage and you have 78 armour points, then: 21 damage, minus 41% (the armour protection) = the bullet causes 12 damage. The part of that bullet that doesn't affect the health, depletes the armour instead, i.e. it causes 9 damage to the armour.

Armour packs:

There are 2 types of armour packs, the kevlar helmet which grants 25 points of armour and the kevlar which grants 50. Armour pack spawns are set by the creator of the map, but the respawn rate is fixed at 25 seconds.


Armour essentially lets you tank more damage, so it's always a good idea to have some. Armour is pretty effective against automatic guns since it will make the time to kill much higher. It is recommended to learn where the armour spawns in each map so you know where to look for, stacking more armour makes your health receive less damage but it will deplete the armour itself faster (because it will absorb more). Armour is best used when you are high on HP because even if you have 100 armour, dropping your HP below 0 will kill you no matter what.