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This page gathers some fun-facts and easter eggs hidden in or regarding AssaultCube.

Easter eggs

  • In ac_power you can find a picture of a tree hidden somewhere.
  • R4zor, the creator of ac_sunset, hid "R4" in a ceiling, somewhere in the map.
  • Some mapmodels contain some sort of internal propaganda of AssaultCube. Some examples are the flat-screen TV (called Cuber's), the milk carton (called AC Milk) and the coke can (called ActionCoke).
  • The potato-box mapmodel has a sign on its top: Aardapple's FINEST: CLASS A ENGINES. Aardapple (or Aardappel, which also means potato in Dutch) is the nickname of Wouter Van Oortmerssen, the creator of Cube Engine, while CLASS A ENGINES refers to the engine itself.
  • The cup of coffee mapmodel is called "Verbal's Finest". The team's page used to report Verbal_ as "pro-coffee service" (not anymore though).

Game facts

  • Some of the bots' names are a reference to someone or something: Sprah (Harps reversed), Karlsberg, Zeunerts, Lapin Kulta, Heineken, Zlatopramen (beers), Rotaredom Murof (forum moderator reversed).
  • The original SAS playermodel was slightly different from the current one used in AssaultCube.
  • In the 1.0 version of AssaultCube, when you were banned from the masterserver, you would get rickrolled.
  • ac_douze can be played in both Cube and Sauerbraten. Also, the Cube's version map message was Soiree aux douze portes overtes (Doors open at twelve of evening).
  • AssaultCube was called ActionCube. Developers had to change its name because it was too similar to another MMOFPS that was released in those days; it was called ActionQuake.
  • The only official maps in 0.93 were ac_desert, ac_desert2, ac_mines, ac_depot, ac_complex, and ac_snow.