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These are the ranks used in the AssaultCube world. They pertain to the seperate sites (wiki, forum, webpage) and to the project in general; the lower ranks are those that pertain to the in-game scenarios. The officers (Campaign) are permanent ranks inside the project hierachy; the enlisted ranks (Logistics) are semi-permanent, they pertain to specific clans. The Infantry ranks either pertain to privileges on the wiki/forum or individual matches; when talking about sites these are permanent, but in matches they are entirely temporary. The match-relevance has not been implemented at this time, but is a desired paradigm of the match-mode - each team will have a Sergeant and a number of Corporals/Privates; the former giving orders, the latter receiving and complying to them.

The topmost rank of Marshal can only be held by a precise number of people. The issue of timeliness is a matter of esoteric observation, but must be considered swift; for example after a death, the replacement must be found in a matter of days - probably, more desirably, sooner. The number of people that can hold this office are either one (benevolent (one hopes!) dictatorship) or three (TriumVirat). There is the exceptional capacity to extend this range to include seven and twelve, but it's not recommended at this time. Ranking outside of the game should be much more emphasized than the - often - perceived as more strongly relevant, in-game ranks - if they ever get implemented.


DevTeam (DT)
Marshal | M
General | G
Brigadier | B
base colour: yellow
3 stars to 1 star | M to B


ClanLeaders (CL)
Colonel | Cl
Major | Mj
Captain | Cp
base colour: turquoise
3 pips to 1 pip | Cl to Cp


TrustyTrenchy (TT)
Sergeant | Sgt
Corporal | Cpl
Private | Pvt
base colour: green&blue with half-of-that in red - this means 1.0 := purple
3 pips to 1 pip | Sgt to Pvt

Current Personel



Florian 'flowtron' Schulte






This section is not really part of this page "as such" - the following ranks will not be "personalized", but rather their respective duties expounded upon.


This rank represents a Clan-Leader/-Founder.


This rank represents a major contributor or aspiring leader of the clan.


This rank represents a team-leader of the clan - in effect corresponding to a Sergeant inside the (upcoming) in-game rank (in a match-mode server-state). They're the ones giving orders to the team.