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MaiMeeTur first started off playing AssaultCube in the early days of, as Kowin. After a few months, Nitemare (Now known as DrauL) invited him into S4L, Snipe4Life. After staying in the clan for a long period of time, the clan was closed, and MaiMeeTur left on hiatus during

Coming back in, MaiMeeTur was reached by DrauL, and invited into Xu, and after several months, he left, and later went into SSA/WaS right before 1.1 was set to release. MaiMeeTur then left AC permanently for some time, before he came back.

After quite some period of time, exploring other FPS games, MaiMeeTur came back in time for the release of, where he joined iC and stayed for a few weeks, where he then approached VenteX with the idea of a new clan, and eQuilibrium was born.

MaiMeeTur is now Co-Founder/Leader of eQuilibrium, which has recruited such members as Pino, Gibarix, Lantry, Viper, and Aekom.

His favorite weapons are the Sniper and SMG, and his favorite maps are ac_desert and ac_toxic.

In his spare time, MaiMeeTur plays guitar, writes songs, and plays a multitude of many other instruments, mainly strings.