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I started playing ac in 2008 when 0.93 was out. It was the map editing feature which initially held my attention. The first map I remember playing was ac_depot which was usually packed with 20 players every time. ac_mines was another early favourite. I have a certain nostalgia for some early custom maps at that time, namely ac_italy and ac_riverside. I have been in two clans over the years; the first was DES and secondly TyD. I now cruise along through the game as a singleton.

My first attempts at mapping were rather rough.Well my choice of textures was, the geometry was fairly easy to grasp. I have to thank Cleaner for his advice and feedback in my early days of mapping. My first maps were designed in a random fashion that lacked any context. I have since then re-edited those first two maps which are now re-named as beta_street and beta_sub_7. My third map is ac_hq, this was based on the context of an intelligence base.