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Cheating or Hacking is the use of third-party software to modify the game and gain an advantage over the other players. The player that uses the hacks is called a cheater. Cheating in an Assault Cube server may result in an IP Ban if you have been reported.

Types of cheats:

There are may different types of cheats the most common ones are:

Aimbot: Automatically aims at the enemy's position.

Wallhack/ESP: Being able to see other players through a wall.

No recoil/spread: Gun Recoil is removed

Rapid Fire: Gun has a higher round per minute rate than normal

Fly Hack: the player is able to fly

Teleport Hack: the player is able to teleport

Why is cheating easy on AssaultCube

In order to reduce latency, Assault Cube is a very client-sided game, this however opens the door for cheating and exploiting. A hacker can edit the games memory in order "activate" fly, no recoil and other crazy exploits like teleporting players. Due to the simplicity of the game and the lack of anti-debugging measures, AssaultCube is one of the most popular FPS games that people learn to make hacks on.

Assault Cube itself is open source and its code can be modified while still being able to connect to AC servers, this allows hackers to edit the very nature of the game.

Combating cheaters

The effectiveness of AssaultCubes anticheat is rather questionable, it only checks the player's speed and positions and compares to the server values, this may stop some fly hackers but not much more. However most cheaters don't try to hide their hacks and can be easily spotted, cheaters can be banned or blacklisted from the server and they can also be reported to AC staff and receive an IP Ban.

Cheaters may also be reported via the AssaultCube Forums or Discord. The name of the cheater, his/her IP Address, the type of hack and a demo file as proof need to be provided otherwise your report will not be valid. You should only report a cheater if you are 100% sure that they are cheating. Laggers who may teleport around or glitch due to high ping should not confused with cheaters.