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ActionFPS, a community competitive league.

Founded on:January 2014
Founded by:Drakas, Lucas & Sanzo
Discord:ActionFPS Discord
Forum:ActionFPS Forum
Gitter:ActionFPS Gitter
GitHub:ActionFPS GitHub

What is this?

This is a clan match recording system for Woop Clan's AssaultCube servers.

Is this project open source?

Yes, see GitHub: ScalaWilliam/actionfps. Contributions, issues, pull requests are welcome.

History of the project

January 2014 Idea for born, started work, ended up working on

December 2014 released.

January 2015 Achievements released.

February 2015 Idea for actionfps born.

October 2015 open sourced.

November 2015 turned into actionfps and open sourced.

What's the magic behind actionfps?

The genius of William Narmontas, professional software engineer.

Technology-wise, it's Play, Scala, Akka and PHP.

I'd like to talk to you

Find us on TeamSpeak at our server "aura.actionfps".

Also join us on #woop-clan @ GameSurge IRC channel.

Which servers do you record from?

Match Client

Europe: France

IP/Domain Port Match Client Locations 1999 Icon tick.png Action fr.png 2999 Icon tick.png Action fr.png 3999 Icon tick.png Action fr.png 4999 Icon tick.png Action fr.png

America: Los Angeles

IP/Domain Port Match Client Locations 1999 Icon tick.png Action us.png

In-game commands

  •  !balance

Balances teams accoring to ELO scores.

  • !inter

Notifies other players that you started an inter on some server. Notifications are sent to the website, our teamspeak server and a few IRC channels.

  • !teams

Groups players by clantag. Handy for clan wars.

  • !sides

Swaps teams.


Europe: France

IP/Domain Port Ladder Locations 28763 Icon tick.png Action fr.png 10000 Icon tick.png Action fr.png

America: Los Angeles

IP/Domain Port Ladder Locations 28763 Icon tick.png Action us.png

What is the Ladder?

You can see: Rank, User, Points, Flags, Frags, Gibs and Time Played.

You can find you rank at the Ladder page.


Discussion: Google Group Thread


  • Start time

6pm Germany time, 6 January 2017

  • Teams

2x2 or 3x3

  • Style

Single Elimination Standard Clanwars

  • Discussion

Google Group Thread

  • Challonge

ActionFPS January 2017

Sign up

  • Time limit

2 days for a clanwar


Change nickname form

Other questions

ActionFPS Discord

E-mail: [email protected]

Any rules for play?

Be fair.

What are your plans?

Expand. We want your participation.

What is the MatchClient?

The MatchClient is a custom client we made to better suits the needs of clanwars.

With it you will be able to access compatible servers that support features like /pause!

Why should I register?

When registering, it creates your profile page where you can find statistics about all your games on our servers.

You will also unlock achievements while playing!

Why Google sign in?

Saves us time in development.

Can I change the in-game name i picked while registering?

In the current state you are not able to change it.

However if the name change is necessary (i.e joined or left a clan..) then you can make a post on the forum and we will do it for you.

Why are some games circled with blue on the frontpage?

This means that the games are happenning right now ! The real time game display allows you to see the score of a game in real time on your browser!

Should I accept notifications?

Yes! When you are registered on the website, you are able to use an inter finding feature we created.

Go on any of our servers, then type !inter.

This will send a notification on people's browser with a link to join the inter. There is a spam protection, doing it once is enough.

How to complete a Clan War ?

In order to complete a Clan War, you need to play at least 2 consecutive games against the same clan.

Moreover, if these games resulted in 2 ties or 1 win for both clans, a third game has to be played as a tie breaker.

How can I support the project?

By registering and playing ! You can also post your ideas and feedback on the forum.

Don't hesitate to report any issue you have.

If you are willing to be actively participating in the development then join on on Gitter!